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BOOK CLUBS: Radio programme 2

The second edition of
THE BOOK NOOK, your favourite radio show, is ready for you! Remember that it is made entirely in English for and by  students at Emilia Pardo Bazán School. It is a great chance for us to get closed to the world of the radio, as well as an invaluable tool to improve our speaking skills in a foreign language. As usual, the programme is divided in 5 different sections, all of them related to books:

1.  Speak out: a survey section to know your reading preferences: "What type of books do you read?"

2.  Our Book Clubs: a section to follow what we are reading in our book clubs.

3.   Meet an author: dedicated to a famous English writer:  William Shakespeare.

4.   Dive in the deep blue sea: a section related to the PDI, the project we are working on this school year. For this second programme, we will explain about different sea creatures.

5.  Our Natives count: a section to meet one of the English speakers of our school community: Belinda Beer, from Melbourne - Australia.

You cannot miss it!!! If you want to read what you are hearing, please click HERE and you will have access to the script.

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