sábado, 28 de maio de 2022


The last session of our Bookworms Club took place yesterday. As it was a special day, we count on the presence of Lilí, our local librarian, who made this day memorable for all of us. She recorded a video to recap all our readings and to vote for our favourite one. You cannot imagine the laughter and fun!!! We felt as real TikTokers for a while!!! 

And do you want to know who was the winner? "A Christmas carol", by Charles Dickens, although we must say that we enjoyed all the other titles as well.

Here is the video, recorded and edited by Lilí, who also included some bloopers and outtakes. An unforgettable memory...


Thank you so much  to the local library of Los Rosales for its invaluable collaboration and, especially, to our favourite librarian, Lilí, who created a corner for us every month and was constantly sending us fantastic videos to encourage our readings.We appreciate your dedication and enthusiasm, Lilí!!!

Finally, two recommendations for the summer: "The happy prince and The selfish giant" by Oscar Wilde and "George´s marvellous medicine" by Roald Dahl.

Happy readings!!!

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