sábado, 7 de maio de 2022

BOOKLAND CLUB: "Sherlock Holmes and the speckled band"

Yesterday, the inhabitants of Bookland visited the foggy London of the 19th century to help the famous detective Sherlock Holmes solve a crime in "The speckled band". Created by sir Arthur Conan Doyle, this Englishman is one of the most popular British icons. Depicted with his pipe, magnifying glass, Ulster cape and deerstalker hat,  he uses his powers of observation, deduction and logical reasoning in order to crack the most difficult cases. In this ocassion, we have to find the murderers of Julia Stoner and avoid the murder of her sister, Helen. Exciting! However, despite his remarkable intelligence, he is a peculiar man: he is brilliant but terribly untidy, antisocial, bad-tempered and arrogant. We can even say that he has an obsessive personality: he works compulsively on all his cases, but he suffers periods of depression because he cannot stand the lack of activity. Just as well that Dr. Watson takes care of him...

This will be our last reading for this school year. We will meet one more time on the first Friday of June for a farewell session. But before that, don´t forget to visit our dearest librarian, Lilí, who has become an incredible tiktoker. Let´s pay her a visit to see what she has prepared for you! She has more titles, films and games based on Sherlok Holmes in the local library! Take a look at her video:

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