venres, 4 de novembro de 2022

BOOKLAND CLUB: "Maggie and Max visit the haunted castle"

What a scary afternoon! But also full of secret confessions... Today, the inhabitants of BookLand have talked about our fears and we must admit that there is something very repetitive: dark places. 
We mentioned the fact that, sometimes, especially if we are in the dark, we see strange images in the shadows. This conversation started after reading "Maggie and Max visit the haunted castle". Are you a scaredy cat or a brave knight?... Open the book  if you dare... Here is a book trailer about it with the key vocabulary and remember that there are more resources available in e-Dixgal:


And now please watch the video that Lilí, our dearest librarian, has sent. She is waiting for you in the local library to lend you all the resources displayed in the English corner she has created. There are magazines,books, comics, music...

Take a look at the video and at the English corner dedicated to our book clubs. Thank you so much, Lilí! We love you!!!

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