luns, 1 de maio de 2023

BOOKWORMS CLUB: "The Borrowers"

The latest session of our Bookworms Club was dedicated to the famous book "The borrowers", by British author Mary Norton.  First published in 1952, the story is still read and studied in all schools around the UK. We had the chance of being in Arietty´s shoes, a 13-year-old girl of only 20 cm tall. We analysed how we would feel if we had to stay in all day, with no friends at all, if we could not breath the fresh air or see the sun and the flowers. Some of the adjectives we used were: angry, depressed, sad, anxious, nervous, desperate... But Arietty´s daily life changes suddenly when she is seen by a human boy. How? Well, read the end of the story to find it out!

Meanwhile, take a look at the slideshow of our meeting and pay Lilí, our favourite librarian, a visit: she is looking forward to seeing you and offering more resources about this fascinating topic.

Happy reading!!!

                             BOOKWORMS - The Borrowers - 28th April 2023 

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