sábado, 6 de maio de 2023

BOOKLAND CLUB: "Charlie and the great fire of London"

The title we read in the latest session of Bookland Club was really distressing: "Charlie and the Great Fire of London". We travelled back in time to be in the Great Fire of London, which took place in September 1666. The fire started in a bakery located in Pudding Lane, when a spark fell out of the oven and it immediately spread to the other houses nearby, all made of wood and straw.  For the next 4 days, the fired continued its way through the city, propelled by strong winds. The solution was to destroy some buildings to create a fire break. But the damage was devastating: 13,000 houses, 87 churches, London Bridge, St. Paul´s Cathedral... and 70,0000 people homeless. Horror, sadness, anxiety, unease, trauma... these were the adjectives we used to describe our feelings and emotions after being in Charlie´s shoes, a boy from the present who goes to see the Monument, a memorial of this tragic event. There he opens a door and sees himself in the middle of the horror!

After reading this fascinating story, we came to the conclusion that a fact like this cannot happen nowadays due to all the advances we have: fire brigades, better building materials... And we remembered some safety tips in case of a fire. A fructiferous afternoon!

Take a look at some pics of the session and at Lili´s latest video. Remember that she is waiting for you at the local library with much more resources about this topic. Thank you, Lilí!!!

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