venres, 31 de marzo de 2023

BOOKWORMS CLUB: "The happy prince and The selfish giant"

Today we have celebrated a spring session in our Bookworms Club. Surrounded by the colours and smells of beautiful flowers, we have read Oscar Wilde´s story of "The selfish giant", becoming gardeners for a day. We learned the names of some flowers, we remembered the steps to grow a plant and we planted some seeds in a pot to check if we have green fingers or not. Now we have to take care of it and hopefully, in a few weeks, we will have colourful flowers. Be patient!
Besides, we also learned the power of sharing and love, reflected in the attitude of the giant at the end of the story. Now it´s your turn to read "The happy prince", another inspiring and tender story of compassion and love. Both stories were first published in May 1888 under the title The happy prince and other tales, a collection of 5 stories for kids which transmit the idea that we should do good and help those in need.
Additionally, you can go and visit Lilí, our favourite librarian: she is waiting for you with lots of surprises! Take a look at her latest video:

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