sábado, 4 de marzo de 2023

BOOKLAND CLUB: "The secret of the stones"

Would you like to join Laura and Max to discover
"The secret of the Stones"? Get ready for an exciting adventure near Stonehenge, the ancient monument in the south of England, a magical and mysterious place. Help them decipher the old book of secrets, full of strange symbols and secret codes. Yesterday, in the latest session of our Bookland Club, we already found out the meaning of one: a big circle with a triangle and a cross inside. We are pretty sure about what the circle and the triangle represent but... and the cross?  Ready for the adventure? 

We invite you to do some research by borrowing one of the titles that Lilí, our particular librarian, has prepared for us in the local library. Thanks again Lilí for your kind cooperation!!!

Remember to bring an object with strange symbols (a sort of amulet) to the next session of our Bookland Club. Thank you!

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