venres, 2 de decembro de 2022

BOOKLAND CLUB: The little match girl

Today we attended the most Christmassy session of our BookLand Club with a reading  related to this time of the year: "The little match girl" by the famous Danish author Hans Christian Andersen. Throughout this story, we had the chance to analyze the life conditions 200 years ago, especially for children in poor families. We also mentioned all the children´s rights we can enjoy nowadays: the right to a name, a family, education, medical care, protection against all kinds of violence... But the most beautiful part was when we lit some matches to imagine our nicest visions, as it happened to the girl that night. 

Take a look at the latest video that Lilí, our dearest librarian, sent to us. It is a Christmas bomb!!! We really appreciate your collaboration, Lilí!

Happy Christmas to all the citizens of BookLand!!! Remember to include a book in your letter to Santa. See you next year!!!

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