domingo, 18 de decembro de 2022

BOOKWORMS CLUB: "A Christmas carol"

What better than a Christmas story to finish the readings of this first term? Last Friday, we enjoyed the spirit of Christmas in the latest session of our club with the novella "A Christmas carol" by Charles Dickens. Written in the 19th century, during the Victorian era, a period when the British were exploring and reevaluating their Christmas traditions, the treatment of the poor and the ability of a selfish man to redeem himself by transforming into a kinder person are the key themes of the story.  

As you know, this year we are exploring around feelings and emotions, so we have to decide which one is treated on each novel. In this case, we all agreeded that this novella transmits a mixture of them: hope, tenderness, generosity, thankfulness, gratitude... And that is the spirit of Christmas! We also reflected about what this time of the year means to each one of us and we even recorded a video. 

After such a magical afternoon, we watched the fantastic video that Lilí, our dearest librarian, sent to us. Thank you so much once again, Lilí! We are really grateful for your kindness!!! 

Merry Christmas to you all!!! And remember to add a book in your letter to Santa... Take a look at the library leaflet of recommendations, I am sure you will find the one for you. Or you can go and visit Lilí in the local library, she will show you some good suggestions also.

Happy readings!!!

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