sábado, 19 de febreiro de 2022

BOOKWORMS CLUB: "A new Atlantis"

Yesterday we, the Bookworms, held a new session of our club to find out more about the Atlantis, the mysterious civilisation which disappeared under the sea thousands of years ago. After having read the first 4 chapters of "A new Atlantis" we are fascinated by this story, based on the real Atlantis. It is a mixture of a dystopia, a sci-fi and a historic novel.  There are some topics reflected in it: the importance of the family, loyalty, friendship, new discoveries, resilience, hope in the future, patience, the elders ... We spoke about our favourite characters and we tried to anticipate the ending. These are some of the questions we mentioned:

- What secret does the Black Pyramid keep?

- What is actually the Black Pyramid? A computer? A rocket? A bunker? A spaceship?

- Are the slaves going to be able to stop the rains?

- Will Ryan and Daria escape the fatal fate and save themselves?

We have some theories about how this fascinating story will end but, to know the truth, we have to finish the book, reading the last chapters. We cannot wait!!! Meanwhile, we want to know more about the real Atlantis and that´s why we are completing a Padlet with the information we are searching. Please take a look at our research to follow our findings. Remember that it is still under construction. It will be finished soon...

Hecho con Padlet

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