martes, 8 de febreiro de 2022

BOOK CLUBS: Our radio programme

After a long wait, here is the first programme of
THE BOOK NOOK, a brand new radio show made entirely in English for and by you, the readers of the school book clubs. And the results couldn´t be better. 

But what is it about? Well,  THE BOOK NOOK is a radio show about books and stories and readings and English and traditions and culture and readers and authors and literature and... You cannot miss it! It has got 5 different sections:

1.  Speak out: a survey section where you can give your opinion about books by answering one simple question: "What is your book nook?

2.  Our Book Clubs: a section about what our school book clubs are reading at the moment.

3.   Meet an author: dedicated to a famous English writer, in this ocassion, to Emily Dickinson.

4.   Dive in the deep blue sea: a section related to the PDI, the project we are working on this school year. For this first programme, we have created some poems about the sea, following the steps of Emily Dickinson.

5.   Our Natives count: a section to meet one of the English speakers of our school: Tareen Rudolph, from New Orleans - Louisiana - the USA.

Listen carefully... If you want to read what you are hearing, click HERE.

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