sábado, 12 de febreiro de 2022

BOOKLAND CLUB: The land down under

Did you know that if we dig a hole in London we can reach Australia? This is what the protagonists of our current reading, "Five children and it", were trying to do when they dicovered the sand fairy. So they inmediately forgot about Australia and they started making wishes and getting into trouble, as you know. But we didn´t forget it, on the contrary, we made a wish related to it: "I wish we could meet someone from Australia who could explain some features of this amazing country, also known as "The land down under". And voilà! Wish granted!!! Yesterday, we received the visit of Belinda Beer, an Australian teacher in our town. She explained many things about her big country and we learned about the Outback, the Uluru, the Great Barrier Reef, the aborigines and its unique animals such as the wombat, the emu, the koala, or the kangaroo. We even had the chance to see some Australian dollars and we tried the Aussie kids´ favourite food: fairy bread. Yummy!!!

Finally, as we are members of a book club, she told us a funny story: "There was an old lady who swallowed a mozzie", full of Australian animals and expressions. Thank you, Belinda for your visit!!! 

Here are two videos for you to enjoy: one with the story and the second one with some facts about Australia. 



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