domingo, 1 de novembro de 2020

BOOKWORMS CLUB: "Halloween horror"

Last Friday, 30th of October, we hold the 1st session of  our "Bookworms Club" which, of course, was related to Halloween. The book we are reading is titled "Halloween horror", by Gina B.D. Clemen. Surrounded by a spooky atmosphere, full of jack-o-lanterns, magic mirrors and candles, we enjoyed the adventures of Kelly and Megan Connor, two sisters in Salem, the "Witch City".

Besides, we watched a video made by the librarians of the local library in the Elliptic Square. They created a corner dedicated to our book club, with books related to the topic and author we are reading each month. Thank you so much for their great job!!! We promise to visit you.

Here is a presentation of the book and the video by the librarians for you to enjoy.

Happy reading!!!  


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