venres, 12 de xaneiro de 2024


Globetrotters arrived in Cornwall! After having spent Christmas in London, we decided to travel to Cornwall by train to enjoy the Festival of Lights in New Year. It was fascinating! But before that, during the long 5-hour-train trip, we had time to read 2 entertaining stories: "Five children and it" by Mary Norton, and "The sword in the stone", an adaptation of the legend of King Arthur. Once in our destination, we had a tour around the most attractive landmarks of this British county:

- we got to Land´s End to see the immensity of the Atlantic Ocean

- we entered in Tintagel Castel, King Arhutr´s hometown

- we saw Merlin´s cave

- we attended a show in the Minack Theatre while listening to the sound of the sea

- we visited the Eden Project and its biomes

- we walked to St. Michael´s Mount, but we had to leave before the high tide

- we rode the swimming horses

As you can see, we didn´t have time for boredom. If you want to follow our trip around the globe and keep you updated, just click HERE. The locations are pinpointed!

Meanwhile, enjoy this amazing video from Lili, the best librarian in the world. Did we mention that she is coming with us? Take a look:

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