domingo, 4 de xuño de 2023


 The Bookworms Club is coming to an end. This school year, we have read the books with different eyes: identifying the feelings of the protagonists, living their lives as ours. Under the title "In your shoes" we started a process last September with different steps:

1. Identification: First, we defined the different emotions and their characteristics.

 2. The broth: Second, we prepared a delicious broth with DNA, mixing "they" with "us".

     3. The key: Then, we kept our emotions in our heart and found the key to understand them all. 

     4. The walk: Finally, we walked several moons in their shoes.

During the way, we also traced the map of emotions, we reproduced the language of emotions, we located their homes and we wrote a recipe to keep them under control. Do you want to see the results?

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