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The Globetrotters tour is an amazing adventure full of surprises! We recently travelled by hovercraft to Dublin, the capital of Scotland, to meet the Irish consul in Spain, who escorted us through the "streets broad and narrow" of this vibrant city, following the steps of Oscar Wilde and our dearest Molly Malone. We had the chance to visit St. Patrick´s Cathedral, Dublin castle, the Trinity Collage and the Book of Kells. Besides, we could play in the garden dedicated to
The selfish giant, one of our readings, along with The happy prince. Both stories were first published in 1888  The happy prince and other talesa collection of 5 fairy tales for kids which transmit love, friendship and compassion. 

Now you can hear the speech that the Irish consul, Mr. Declan Mathews, gave us in the reception he offered due to our visit to Dublin. He also recited a poem by Amergin, a poet and druid of the Milesians, who is supossed to iniciate the Irish poetry. Thank you so much for your kindness, Mr. Declan!

Finally, take a look at the video that Lilí has prepared for us and don´t forget to pay her a visit in the local library: she has got lots of resouces realated to our readings! Very many thanks to you too, Lilí! 

For more information about our tour, please click  HERE.

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