domingo, 3 de marzo de 2024


Have you ever wondered if the stones have secrets? Well, some of them do. Look at Stonehenge, for example, the latest destination of the GLOBETROTTERS, an ancient monument in the south of England which it is still a mystery. Nobody knows for sure what it is: A temple to the sun? A tomb of an important king? A calendar to study the sky and the stars? A primitive computer? A way to communicate with aliens?  The truth is that there are two circles of enormous stones placed in such a way that the sun goes directly to the centre on the 21st of May, in the summer solstice. Nobody knows the answer, but everybody agrees that there is something special and magical about Stonehenge. And we could feel it in our last trip, thanks to our readings "The secret of the stones" by Victoria Heward and "George´s marvellous medicine" by the fantastic Roald Dahl. We also had the chance to fly by helicopter and visit other amazing places in the south of England: Salisbury, Bath and Southampton.

Please follow our experience HERE and the rest of our adventures HERE.

And don´t forget Lilí, our favourite librarian, who kindly accompany us in every trip, offering fantastic videos. Take a look:

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