domingo, 5 de novembro de 2023


Last Friday, 15 members of BookLand and 15 Bookworms began our adventure, turning into Globetrotters to embed ourselves in the culture and traditions of different speaking countries. And our first destination was Salem - Massachusetts (USA). After the check-in and the passport control, we took off and crossed the Atlantic ocean in a 12-hour-trip, long enough to read a bit. We spent a terrifying time reading "Max and Millie visit the haunted castle" (BookLand) and "Halloween horror" (Bookworms), both settled in the Witch Town. We also had time to consult our travel guide and decide which landmarks we would visit. Once on land, we visited the Witch House, the Old Burying Point Cemetery, Gallows Hill, the Seven Gables House, the Pioneers Village and the Witch Musem, our favourite, where we learned about the hangings of 1692 and  the evolution of witches through the years. We even had the chance to write a postcard and buy some candies with our dollars before coming back. Unforgettable!!!

If you want to follow us in our world tour, just click HERE.

By the way, do you know who is coming with us? Lilí, our favourite librarian! And she travels with lots of recommendations. Take a look:

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