sábado, 25 de febreiro de 2023

BOOKWORMS CLUB: Arthur and the sword in the stone

In the latest session of our Bookworms Club we travelled to the past, to the Middle Ages, to be in the shoes of a 12-year-old boy, Arhtur. Imagine yourselves being raised in  the countryside, far from the life in the castle, and one day, just because you can pull a sword out of a stone, you become the king of England. Amazing! What emotions would come to you? Astonishment, surprise, pride, satisfaction, confusion... This particular event, one of the most fascinating legends of the British culture, is narrated in the reading of this month: "Arthur and the sword in the stone". We also talked about many other aspects of this King: his famous sword, Excalibur, given by the Lady in the Lake; his wife, Queen Guinevere; his fantastic castle, Camelot; his Knights of the Round Table, always in search of the Holy Grail. Besides, we all lived a mesmerizing moment when we recreated the ceremony of knighthood: one by one, we were dubbed by the King/Queen and we are now Sirs and Dames of the Order of the British Empire. What an honour! And the act finished with a great present: a little piece of the famous stone of the sword, which has magical powers by the way! Who knows? Maybe one of us will become a king or queen one day... Wait and see!

If you want to know more about King Arthur, take a look at this video or go to the local library, where Lilí, our favourite librarian, will be more that pleased to lend us some books and CDs about this topic. 

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