sábado, 2 de outubro de 2021


Here we are, a brand new reading club for students in year 5 called BOOKLAND CLUB. It is a group of kids longing for exciting readings. Our meetings will take place on the first Friday of the month and we will also count on the collaboration of our local librarian, Lilí, as you can see in the video below. Yesterday, the 1st of October,  we held the first session with a literary picnic, like our friends the Bookworms. We had the presentation of the titles we are going to enjoy this school year and we read the very first one, "Dorothy", by Paola Traverso, a delightful story about a fairy with a bag full of dreams. Isn´t it poetic? What is the dream of your  life? Maybe Dorothy can deliver it to you, like the bag full of reading experiences she gave us at the end.

Now listen carefully: we need a logo for our club, so please design an original one in half a folio and participate in a contest, following these requirements:

1.- Name of the club.

2.- Name of our school.

3.- Some books.

4.- The British flag.

5.- A reference to the name of the club.

You can send your designs until next Friday, the 8th of October. Then a selected jury will choose the winner, who will be announced on Wednesday, the 13th. There will be an award for all the participants and a very special one for the winner. The best of luck!!!

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