sábado, 19 de decembro de 2020

BOOKWORMS CLUB: "A Christmas carol"

 Yesterday we hold the third meeting of our Bookworms  Club, when we started reading an adaptation of the most Christmassy story of all times: "A Christmas carol" by Charles Dickens. We also learned about the living conditions in England during Victorian times (19th century), especially the contrast between the rich and the poor. With hardly no money for food, clothes or even medicines, people needed to have hope and feel the spirit of Christmas more than ever. And so did we: we experienced the magic of this season reading the transformation of Mr. Scrooge thanks to the help of three Ghosts: the Ghost of Christmas past, the Ghost of Christmas present and the Ghost of Christmas future.

We strongly recommend this book. It is a must!!! You can also visit our local library in the Elliptic Square, where you can find more books and information related to this topic. Here is the video that Lilí the librarian has made specifically for our book club. Thank you so much!!!

Merry Christmas everyone!!!



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