venres, 29 de marzo de 2019


Hello again bookworms,

The author selected for our next session of the Book Club will be Oscar Wilde, an Irish novelist, poet and playwright. Oscar Wilde was born in 1854 in Dublin, the capital of Ireland. His father was a doctor, but he probably got his sense of humor and writing abilities from his mother, who was also a poet. Wilde was a good student, winning prizes for studying ancient history and languages, and he attended Trinity College in Dublin, where he won a gold medal for his study of the Greek language. While he was a student he also began to write, and a poem of his called 'Ravenna' won an award. After completing school, Wilde moved to London and continued to write.
In 1888, he published a collection of children’s stories, "The Happy Prince and Other Tales". In fact, we are going to read two of them: The happy prince and The selfish giant.
Now you can have a look at the main facts of his biography and then, after reading the two tales, you can complete the survey. Thank you!!!

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