sábado, 28 de xaneiro de 2023

BOOKWORMS CLUB: "A new Atlantis"

Do you know what a dystopia is?... According to the Cambridge dictionary, a dystopia is a very bad or unfair society, especially an imaginary society in the future, after something terrible has happened. The reading for this month, "A new Atlantis", can be considered a dystopian novel: the story of Atlantis, an island in a distant planet, with a pink sky, two moons, Light Crystals and where there is only desert and sea and it never rains. Two groups of people live there: the slaves and the rich. The slaves are forced to build a black pyramid for the king and only them know the secret of the Light Crystals, tall towers with a flashing light which transmits energy to the whole isle. Suddenly, one day the light turns grey and the slaves know that they have to prepare because the rains are coming. Does it ring a bell? It is based on the legend of Atlantis, the lost city, a civilisation submerged under the sea. Do you want to unveil the mystery?

After reading and listening the first 3 chapters in our meeting, we are anxious to finish this fascinating story. Yesterday we enjoyed the adventures of Daria and Ryan, and we cannot wait to read the end. Besides, we have some questions to solve:

- What secret does the Black Pyramid keep?

- Are the slaves going to escape from the rains?

Maybe the small blue piece that we took from the Light Crystal can help us. In the meantime, take a look at the latest Lilí´s video, which is even better than the previous ones. And remember that she is waiting for you at the local library with more titles and recommendations related to this topic. Thank you very much, Lilí! You always make our readings more engaging!

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