venres, 28 de outubro de 2022

BOOKWORMS CLUB: Halloween horror

Can you notice it? A sweet aroma of roses is in the air and a cold breeze is touching your face... Abigail Cross is in our school library today, but we cannot see her, we can just feel her presence. This is because she is a witch from the past: she lived in the 17th century in the American city of Salem, located by the Atlantic Ocean, near Boston. Have you ever heard of it? It was the home of the witch trials which took place in 1692, a terrible event that shocked its citizens over centuries. Well, this is the set of our reading for October: "Halloween horror" by Gina B.D. Clemen.  Come and meet Kelly and Megan Connor and their three friends. Let´s help them organise the most terrifying Halloween party ever, choosing an abandoned house as the venue. Are you ready for the spookiest story of our club? Come in if you dare...

If you want to know more about Salem´s trials, watch the video below, it is full of information. Besides, don´t forget to visit our local library in the Elliptic Square, where Lilí, our dearest librarian, is waiting for you with more exciting titles related to this time of the year. She sent us a marvellous video to see the display she has prepared for us. Thank you so much, Lilí!!!

Have a scary reading, my dear Bookworms!!!


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