sábado, 6 de novembro de 2021

BOOKLAND CLUB: "Maggie and Max visit the haunted castle"

Yesterday we accompanied Maggie and Max in their visit to Kempton Castle. We went into the Blue Bedroom with them to discover, to our surpirse, a ghost in a mirror. On top of that, we heard strange noises and we witnessed how a door closed suddenly and how some objects fell to the ground. Are you a scaredy cat or a brave knight? Open the book we are reading this month if you dare... Fortunately, sir William Fox is a friendly ghost after all. Here is a book trailer about it with the key vocabulary and remember that there are more resources available in e-Dixgal:


Did you know that the ghost of a lady appears in San Carlos´ Gardens every 16th of January to visit sir John Moore´s tomb? Who is she? Well, she is lady Hester Stanhope, the love of his life. Do you fancy a visit to this emblematic place next January?  Maybe the lady is willing to tell us what she likes most about our beautiful city... who knows? She has to be an expert having into account that she started her visits in 1809!

Please take a look at what our local librarians created for us. Undoubtely Lilí and Marta are brave knights after their fight against some ghosts. Take a look...

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