sábado, 29 de maio de 2021


Last Friday, the 28th of May, we held the last meeting of our Book Club. As it was a special day, we had the honour of meeting an English writer: John Barlow. Born in Gomersal, a Yorkshire village near Leeds, he studied English Literature at the University of Cambridge and has a PhD in Applied Liguistics from the University of Hull. He works as a novelist, food writer and translator, and he lives in A Coruña. Although he mainly writes thrillers for adults, he has a book for young readers: "Islanders". Set in a dystopian world after a biological war, a group of teenagers embark on the adventure of their lives. You can read the first chapter of the book in the presentation below. We warn you: it´s a page-turner!!!

We all enjoyed his talk about his life as a writer and the importance of being disciplined and hardworking. We could also ask him many questions and  we even helped him think different ways to "kill" someone. Finally, he gave us a booklet with his autograph as a memory of his visit.

But that wasn´t all. Lilí, our local librarian, came to say goodbye and we could thank her for all her effort and enthusiasm throughout the school year. Her videos were the best!!! Take a look at the lattest one, a memorable sumary of all our readings. You are a star, Lilí!!!

A grand finale for our Book Club!!!  To be continued.... See you next school year!!!

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