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BOOKLAND CLUB: "Five children and it"

Do you like making wishes? In real life, we have many chances to make a wish:  before blowing out the candles of your birthday cake, when you find a 4-leaf-clover, if you see a shooting star, every time a ladybird lands on you, if one of your eyelashes falls out, when you pick up a dandelion... But in books and films there are magical creatures that can grant wishes, such as fairies or genies or fairy godmothers. Well, in "Five children and it" there is a special being, a Psammead, a sand fairy which a peculiar body made from different animals. The 5 siblings protagonists of this astonishing story, discover it when they dig a hole in a gravel pit. Inmediately they start making wishes, and all their troubles begin. Think carefully, what wish would you like to make? Be sure it won´t have unpredictible consequences... This is the message of this story: "Be careful with what you wish". Take a look at the video below to learn how to make a wish in English.
Yesterday, in our latest session of our Bookland Club, we spent a magical afternoon in the school sand pit, trying to find a Psammead. Unfortunately, we couldn´t see any, but we found some gold coins and  jewels along with some seashells. After listening to the first 2 chapters of the story, we all went back home richer. It´s a shame that all wishes disappear at sunset... 
Edith Nesbit, the author of this title, was an English writer who lived in the late 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century. She became famous for her children´s stories and, for many years, people thought she was a  man, as she always signed her worsk as E.Nesbit. Many of her titles were adapted to films and plays, and are still enjoyed nowadays: "The railway children", "The enchanted castle", "The new treasure seekers"... You can find more books and films by her in the local library. Watch the wonderful video that Lilí, our instagrammer librarian, made for us once again. It´s worth it to pay her a visit to say THANK YOU and borrow any of the available titles she has for us.


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