venres, 24 de setembro de 2021

BOOKWORMS CLUB: "Literary picnic"

Today we went on a literary picnic to know the titles and authors we will enjoy this school year. The weather didn´t help much, but in the end we met around a table at the indoor school playground. Nothing was missing: the checked table cloth, the plates, some flowers and the food, of course: books of different topics and writers. We are going to read the best ones: William Shakespeare, Charles Dickens, Oscar Wilde, Roald Dahl, Mary Shelley ... We could play some games too: we tried to guess the author by their photo and signature.  The best part came at the end: we received a present, a bag full of delicacies for a wonderful reading experience. Guess what was inside? A teabag, a mint chocolate, a biscuit and some flowers, along with a personalised bookmark. Wow!!! Now it is our turn: we have to read the first 4 chapters of 
"Halloween horror", a scary story which takes place in Salem, the witch city. I can´t wait!!!
This year we will also collaborate with the local library, which will set up space dedicated to our Book Club. In fact, they sent us a video to present it. Take a look... We are very lucky to count on them. They are the best!!!

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