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"Tusk, tusk" by David mcKee

Resultado de imagen de tusk tusk david mckeeHi again my dear Bookworms,
January is when we celebrate Peace Day, and that´s why the new reading for our Book Club this month will be the fantastic story "Tusk, tusk", by David McKee. It is a fairly short and simple book, yet it faces many complex issues: prejudice, discrimination, violence, tolerance, difference, ... It is a story about black and white elephants that begin a war against one another. The peace-loving elephants disappear into the jungle as soon as the conflict starts, and the other elephants kill each other. For many years, no elephants were seen in the world, until the grandchildren of the peace-loving elephants emerge from the jungle.
David McKee is a well-known English writer and illustrator. He was born in Devon, on the 2nd of January 1935. He is especially famous for creating the series of Elmer, the patchwork elephant. He has won several awards throughout his career. Next you can see an interview with him talking about books and his preferences. Then, you can watch the story of Elmer. Enjoy!!!

Finally, can you please fill in this survey? It will help us to know your opinion about the story of "Tusk tusk". Just click on the image to start. And remember to click on SUBMIT at the end. Thank you.

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